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Business Development

From initial analysis to strategy implementation – Viercon is participating all the way.

Business development services may be performed by Viercon conducting well-defined strategic projects – see examples below – or by letting Viercon participate in or lead a more comprehensive change process in the company.

  • Business analysis
    • What is the companies core business – and what is the business case for the customers using the companies products or services?
    • Assessment of market size and competitors
    • Identification of the companies true competitive advantages

  • Strategy
    • What are the goals of the owners – growth, exit or something entirely different?
    • Identification of strategic opportunities, potential limitations and threats
    • Development of strategic plan and go-to-market plan

  • Internationalisation
    • Identification of focus markets during the first phase of the internationalisation process
    • Assistance in booking the first export orders – support in contract negotiantions

  • Assistance in relation to funding
  • Preparation for sale and change of ownership

Business development activities may also be performed by coaching of the management team, having Viercon participate in management meetings, facilitating strategy sessions or acting as a trusted advisor for the CEO.